Where form meets function

Akiko Taki’s new book, New Food Shop Graphics, explores modern takes on design developed to compliment food, spirits, and retail industry established around it.

A collection of the latest in comprehensive design solutions for food retailing such as restaurants, cafes, sweet shops, and fast-food eateries. One of the key to the success of restaurants, bars, and other like establishments is creating the right ambience, and then styling the staff and interiors to complement the chosen concept. Shop cards that customers want to take home, gift boxes that endow just a hint of special status, these are all visuals that add to the customer’s experience. New Food Shop Graphics offers a comprehensive overview of food and beverage establishment design, via a varied selection of around 100 outstanding examples from Japan and abroad, all chosen for their superlative design sense. This book contains many examples of design—menus, shop cards, coasters, etc.—not usually accessible without actually visiting the premises. With the addition of the shop’s exteriors and interiors, these visuals provide a total introduction to shop design.

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