Hailing from Dublin, Asbestos draws inspiration from daily interaction with his local city scape. He also finds points of interest in the human body – particularly the expressive nature of the hands – and in painting portraits of fellow artists. His work engages found objects, further connecting it to the places he frequents. Asbestos is represented by Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art.

From the gallery –

Asbestos finds the dark, dank and forgotten objects of the street and transforms them into vibrant artwork that exude the history and present-day life of the city and its inhabitants. His flair for mixed media combines photography, collage, gold leaf, spray paint and acrylic to create unforgettable imagery that bursts with intensity. Highly skilled and unique in his approach to portraiture, Asbestos applies his focus not only to his subjects’ faces, but also to their hands, thereby encouraging the viewer to reexamine the part of the human body he believes conveys the essence of the individual.

Learn more about Asbestos (via video) and view a selection of his work after the jump.

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