01. Shipley & Halmos News | Numerous Drawings (above)

Shipley & Halmos have launched a blog entitled Numerous Drawings. Showcasing sketches by Sam Shipley, the blog houses various objects around the studio that inspire Shipley & Halmos on an ongoing basis.” (fashionisto)

02. Fincube: A Portable Vacation Home?

“Berlin-based Studio Aisslinger has devised and prototyped the FinCube, “a vision of temporary living.” Provisions for “nomadic living” combine with a “natural high-tech” aesthetic in this house, which is modular, sustainable, tranportable and low-energy. The prototype was built near Bozen in Northern Italy, with a killer view of the Dolomite mountains, and has since been moved (!) to nearby Ritten, where it is now on view.” (core77)

03. Bacon and Eggs Chocolate Easter Egg

“Move over peanut butter, chocolate has a new best friend. This isn’t the first time Voges did the whole bacon and chocolate thing, but it’s the first time bacon and eggs didn’t have anything to do with breakfast. (Unless you like to eat Easter candy for breakfast, in which case we hope you’re under 10)” (incrediblethings)

04. GE’s Gigantic Offshore Wind Turbine is 25% More Efficient

“GE has been cracking away to design and release a more efficient wind turbine – 25% more efficient in fact. Rather than increasing the size to generate more power like some other manufacturers have done, GE is designing longer blades and a more efficient drive train. GE hopes to release the new turbine, which will be 300 feet tall and have a rotor diameter of 360 feet, in 2012. The company is also investing $453 million in order to mass produce these next gen turbines for use offshore in Europe.” (inhabitant)

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