From the ground up

Jordan Brand certainly isn’t a stranger to defining moments. We have had packs celebrating key events. We have shoes that combine elements of past Jordan models which cast a wider web over the storied career of the brand’s namesake. And, we have had collectable series drawing together the traditions of both athlete and brand.

The Jordan Jeter Throwback settles into the Jordan Brand tradition nicely. In a single shoe, nine “defining moments” of Derek Jeter’s sterling baseball career are represented.  Most simply, these are represented through a wood grain design on the back of the tongue – which verbally spells out each of the nine moments.

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More impressively, designer Octavio S. Lubrano has subtly combined elements of the nine Jordan Brand shoes worn by Jeter during individual portions of the defining moments into the Jeter Throwback. Close looking will reveal nods to the Jordan VI (perhaps most obviously, in the molded malleolus pocket at the ankle), Jordan IX, and Jordan XI (check the tongue). Jeter’s own signature shoes (Jeter Captain, Jeter Clutch, Jumpman Jet, Jumpman Jeter Official and Jumpman DJ) and the Diamond Fury (the cleat Jeter wore his rookie season) are, of course, also incorporated. While mash ups are nothing new to the Jordan Brand, the care and consideration taken by Lubrano on the Jeter Throwback forms a new standard. The nods are there, but they seamlessly meld into a classic new design. Jeter’s own footwear requirements are also taken into consideration – he likes his shoes simple and cut at 5/8’s height (which proved useful when Jeter’s trainer Jason Riley put us through the paces at a recent launch event).

In short, the Jordan Jeter Throwback is indicative of what Jordan Brand does best – celebrating its own legacy and that of its athletes in a single combined effort. Additionally, the sneaker proves Jordan Brand’s commitment to training and sport beyond basketball. Looking back to move forward, the Jordan Jeter Throwback very successful encapsulates Derek Jeter’s defining moments and provides for his needs as an athlete.

The first colorway is available now with two more set to drop as the baseball season progresses.

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