01. Winners of the 2010 Redefining Dining Competition announced!

“World Kitchen’s first annual Redefining Dining competition asked entrants to develop innovative ways to both prepare and serve food. The top three winners, just announced, shown below, do so by encouraging playfulness to emerge from ritual, addressing the packaging, consumption and plating of a meal.” (core77)

02. Colorful Wall Art Creatures Made from Old Vinyl Records

“Scales. JAXPAC, the Jacksonville Public Art Commission, has put them to work on the streets of its hometown, in both the musical and the reptilian sense. The artists took old vinyl records and combined them with wheat-paste graffiti to create a new kind of urban fossil. While you can’t hear the music from the records, if you listen closely, you may be able to hear the call of creatures long extinct.” (inhabitant)

03. Francis Kurkdjian Incense Papers

“Having perfumed bubbles at Versailles, created olfactory installations, and collaborated with dancers, perfumer Francis Kurkdjian is no stranger to clever experimentations with scent. For a slightly less fantastical but equally delightful experience, he infuses delicate little paper strips with versions his signature fragrances—A Piece of Me (APOM), Lumière Noire and Aqua Univeralis—tailored for interiors. The Perfumed Incense Papers come in chic matchbox-style packaging (matches included) and either fold into zig-zags for burning or, slipped into drawers and luggage, keep clothing smelling fresh.” (coolhunting)

04. Letterhead Love (above)

Letterhead Love is a newly launched site featuring the best letterhead kits and collateral design out there” (notcot)

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