Usinger’s proudly puts the USA in Sausage.

Since 1880, Usinger’s has made sausage with the same family honed recipes on Milwaukee’s Old World 3rd Street. The firm began as a simple operation – Fred Usinger and new wife Louise (having just bought a butcher shop) worked 16-18 hour days to serve the demand of local tavern owners. Like all good American dream tales, Usinger’s grew quickly and gained the favor of Milwaukee’s German aristocracy and found fans as far away as New York City.

The above, clearly stripped down story, amounts to the basic who and how of Usinger’s. The what might be a little more complicated – it all depends on taste. Usinger’s makes a dazzling array of sausage. Bratwurst (a personal favorite), liver sausage, summer sausage, all types of sausage. And all very good.

Fancy trying some? Visit the Usinger’s webshop.

(Probably the best heritage brand in Wisconsin).

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