British designer/craftsman Toby Howes takes inspiration from 1950s furniture for the Molly Desk. He’s managed to lighten the mood, adding some sumptuous curves, while retaining the utilitarian look of the era. In short, Howes work is a successful reinterpretation of mid-century, keeping an eye to core detailing without loosing sight of his own identity as a designer.

Howes, a retired ecologist, places (understandably) high priority of sustainability and ethical sourcing. He graduate from King’s College, London, in 1990 and embarked on a 13 year career in ecology before turning to woodworking. His passion is combining the smallest details and elegant line in the most functional design. The Molly Desk, then, is quite indicative of his work.

The contrasting light and dark wood doesn’t hurt either. (via Contemporist).

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