01. Antonas’ Atypical Architecture (above)

“Aristide Antonas is an architect, writer, Doctor of Philosophy and associate professor of architecture at Greece’s University of Thessaly. His Flickr page has a number of interesting architecture projects on it, like this double-decker-bus-cum-hotel…” (core77)

02. Italian Bike Lover’s Hotel Concept Perched High Above Lake Garda

“Hiding in Triangles is a new hotel for bike enthusiasts proposed by design firm Philip Modest Schambelan + Anton Fromm. The hotel — if built — will be perched on a cliff above Lake Garda in Italy. It is designed completely with bicyclists in mind. There are no stairs to get inside, just bike ramps which are perfectly inclined to get you and your two wheeled vehicle in and out with minimal effort.” (inhabitant)

03. Shit We’re Diggin: The Art of James Voller

“James Voller is a Wellington based artist whose practice investigates aspects of place, photography and site specific installation. Voller graduated from The University of Canterbury with Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography. His final years work was the successful documentary book and series On my way Home which was shown in the United States and New Zealand. Since then Voller has completed a Master of Fine Arts through The Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology where he explored site specific installation and reconsidered the role of the camera in his practice resulting in work which questions the role of photograph in contemporary society.” (wooster)

04. Blue Rock House / Anmahian Winton Architects

“A new house, guesthouse, and garage form a community of buildings on a rural hilltop site, evoking a rural homestead. The buildings define a formal courtyard that opens to specific views of the Berkshire and Catskill Mountains. Copper, wood, and bluestone are the primary materials, deployed to affect a minimal and sculptural vocabulary. The buildings are embedded to varying degree within the rocky topography, and bluestone walls weave between architecture and landscape to reinforce their integration.” (archdaily)

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