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Stone Island has worked with prestigious international design firm Zanotta on the “Metamorfosi” project. The outcome is an interesting mix of Stone Island’s innovative materials and Zanotta’s designs. One example of the fusion of the two, is the Silver Pure Metal “Sacco” chair that you see here above.

“Aldo Petillo, with Andrea Dichiara, has created a link between Stone Island, which has always been a lodestar in materials research for clothing, and Zanotta, a prestigious international design firm.

The metamorphosis of the celebrated Zanotta “Sacco” chair, becomes a body to dress and a place for dialogue. Each object is neither a Zanotta ‘Sacco’ chair, nor a Stone Island jacket, but a METAMORPH, similar to a sculpture, yet without all the difficulties of volume and perception that the sculpture presents.”

Many more objects from this interesting collaboration, are exhibited in Milan this week. Check the flyer after the jump.

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