Though their showing of Mexican prints has now closed, the British Museum continues to offer a strong range of reproductions for public consumption. Full of graphic intrigue, the prints are indicative of both political and artistic movements in Mexico during the first half of the 20th-century.

About the above print –

El Automovil Gris is the title of a silent film, made in Mexico in 1919, about a notorious gang who drove around in a grey car carrying out murders and abductions. Pablo O’Higgins was born in Salt Lake city, Utah, where he grew up with his parents. He moved to Mexico where he became Diego Rivera’s assistant. His commitment to fascism led him to return to the United States for a short time in 1945 with the intention of fighting in the Second World War, but he was quickly enlisted to paint murals.

Pricing for the available prints is more than fair and the selection appeals to a diversity of taste. Check the British Museum Shop for more details. (via Switched on Art).

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