01. Newcomer to Food Television Tries for a Little Grit

“THE Food Network is trying to take it up a notch by taking it down a notch. The people who brought the brassy calorie-pusher Paula Deen, the energetic spice-sprinkler Emeril Lagasse and dozens of other stars to a mass audience are furiously preparing to start a spinoff network on May 31.” (NYT).

02. The Most Hideous Designs From the 2010 Milan Furniture Fair

“Players in the design world bring their A-game to the Milan Furniture Fair. But “A-game” is a relative term–and for every Kobe Bryant, there’s also a Manute Bol. For every amazing piece of eye candy  there’s always one so outrageous it makes you wonder: What. The. F***?” (Fastcompany).

03. Britain’s Best Independent Bookshops

“Oh business – how can people?’ wailed Nancy Mitford while attempting to discuss her share of Mayfair bookshop Heywood Hill in 1948; amazingly, it’s still there, even though the hilarious letters between Mitford and Hill make it clear that when it came to business, these people couldn’t, really. ” (Telegraph).

04. Kostya Tszyu Says He Would Return To The Ring If “Something Big” Were Offered

“Back in the late 1990s and early-to-mid 2000s, you would be hard pressed to find any pound-for-pound list without the name of Russian-born Australian 140-pounder Kostya Tszyu in there somewhere. And during this time when the superb fighting machine was defeating good men like Zab Judah, Jesse James Leija and Sharmba Mitchell, there was talk of a possible clash between “The Thunder From Down Under” and Floyd Mayweather Junior…” (Eastside Boxing).

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