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Yesterday we gave you a preview of the Nigolden Pop-Up Store at the new Pass The Baton Omotesando store. The store just officially opened and so we can give you a nice detailed opening recap today.

“PASS THE BATON is a contemporary select recycle shop.

Our concept is “New Recycle”, our products items gathered from private individuals-objects with memories, items in disuse, but can´t be thrown away. They are sold, along with their stories to someone who understands their use and value.

Not a recycle shop as you´ve seen before, that carries only either brand name or low price items, we are a new recycle shop that handles items portraying an individual tastes and sensibility, items passed down from their original owners.”

The concept is fantastic and of course they also managed to line up some great product. Nigo from Bape brought along some of his favorite personal items, of course also including A Bathing Ape product, such as table ware and more.

Take a closer look at the new Pass The Baton store after the jump.

Via tuukka13.

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