Photographer Sidney Lo, has a clear understanding of what being obsessive is to him. While in New York City, Lo (like thousands of others) spent countless hours on the fashon forums of Superfuture where he contributed to various topics including their most famous “what are you wearing today” thread. The rest if history. His new photo book entitled, Taking Pictures of People Who Take Pictures of Themselves, is a document of that thread. Some words from the intro.

“Four years on, the original thread (‘what are you wearing today?’) has grown to include over sixty thousand responses and garnered more than twelve million views. The style of image has changed somewhat with users employing self timers or willing accomplices to snap a shot in better light or environment, a great many still choose to conceal the face with a blur or well-placed graphic. The objective remains to show one’s (out)fit. Who are the people behind the cameras? What do the people inside the clothes look like? Where do these people come from?”

The book will be available on May 3rd at

More looks at the book Taking Pictures of People Who Take Pictures of Themselves after the click.

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