01. Chikuzen House / Design nico Architect Associates

“The site is a house built in the suburbs that offer the view of Yasu-Kogen and Mt. Ohira distantly northward. The owner only expected the space for future children and two young couples to live and gave us the opportunity of a design freely. When we visited the site, we were not able to feel an outstanding aspect except that open- northward scenery.” (archdaily)

02. The New Bloomberg Businessweek: More Color, More Pages, and Soon, More Celebrity Writers

“We just got our hands on a copy of the newBloomberg Businessweek, and the redesign, at first glance, looks pretty substantial. The magazine is bigger, more thoughtfully organized, and does have a different look to it: but it’s not an entirely different title than the one you know. It’s still sort of the same outfit as the old Business Week, with the sleeves let out to compensate for the size of Bloomberg’s bulging reporting and financial muscles.” (nymag)

03. Hypnotic World Pizza Championship Dough Throwing [videos]

“A week ago, the annual World Pizza Championships (website is only kind of in English) were held in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy. Along with taste tests, speed trials and an event called ‘The Longest Dough Stretch,’ there are freestyle pizza throwing competitions. Below, we’ve collected a handful of videos from this year’s competition, in which pizza is thrown between legs, behind backs, juggled and spun in time to music. ” (eatme)

04. The Materialists
” Upon first encountering the new chair and bench prototypes from the Dutch design duo Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen, of Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen, you’d be forgiven for not immediately registering the furniture’s material. From a distance, the objects appear to be inflated. Are they vinyl? Plastic?. (metropolispov)

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