Soulland // Making the Adler Fedora from Soulland on Vimeo.

We have always been big fans of the Adler Fedora hat by Danish brand Soulland. Today they present a behind the scenes video of how the handmade hat is being produced.

“To celebrate the presence of the Adler Fedora in the USA, we’ve teamed up with our favorite crew from Alken Film and Nahm Studio and made a short film about how the fedoras are hand crafted in a small factory in Copenhagen.

The factory is the last of its kind in Scandinavia and a time capsule rich with memorabilia from a lost trade and all hats imaginable. These days Stig Andersen aka ‘The Hat-maker’ primarily makes hats for the theater – and on occasion he finds time to craft an Adler Fedora. In the short film we follow Stig as he turns a piece of untreated felt into an Adler Fedora.”


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