01. Y Grinder  Salt And Pepper Mill

“Fresh salt and pepper really do make the difference so the initial investment is totally worth it. Two chamber mills are a dime a dozen but the Y-Grinder by Joseph Joseph is particularly handsome. It’s made entirely of ceramic and guaranteed to be anti-corrosive up to 10 years. Now thats standing behind your product! Don’t you guys this it’s beautiful?”  (yanko)

02. Aphex Twin European Tour Dates

“It’s been a minute since we’ve heard new music from Richard D. James– and many, many minutes since we’re heard from James as Aphex Twin– but that’s not stopping the enigmatic beatmaker from scheduling a few DJ gigs in Europe this summer, according to Warp.” (pitchf)

03. Incredible photos of the oil slick need to be seen

“By now you’re well aware that an oil rig is leaking an incredible amount of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. We’re talking 210,000 gallons per day here. It’s very much a disaster in the making, especially as the slick begins to approach the Gulf coast. So, in the interest of sharing some of these photos, um, here’s some photos.” (crunchg)

04. Samsung announces pasty white Limited Edition NX10 (above)

“Some cameras just beg to be taken out in the sun, and such is the new Limited Edition NX10 from Samsung, a Silas-inspired model that looks quite good in white and is perfect for documenting your self-flagellation techniques. This special edition will come as a kit with a slinky 30mm pancake lens and a leather case. (Yes, folks, leather. No flimsy vinyl enclosure for this bad boy.) Samsung isn’t saying how much the Limited Edition will set you back, but has indicated it’ll launch on May 7 in Korea, the Netherlands, China, Taiwan, and the good ‘ol US of A — making us think it perhaps isn’t so terribly limited after all.” (engadget)

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