Babel Code : Osmotic Transmissions opens on May 21, 2010 at Mighty Tanaka Studios.

About the exhibition –

Thought provoking Street Artists AVOID pi & infinity team up for their first duo show together entitled Babel Code.  Peering through a semiotic Petri dish intermixed with sub-conscious communication, Babel Code uses primitive and mystical sources as well as runic references, which charges the works of art with a power and energy beyond the objects themselves.

Babel Code challenges the viewer to reconsider the basic notions of communication and cultural mutation, while providing a closer look into the artist’s own techniques of non-verbal interactions. Building upon a symbolic language shared by both artists, their influences range from a resonance of mixed signals and errant transmissions.

Their symbolism ranges from introverted Platonic deliberation and chemical structures to numerology and DNA; anything and everything from hobo marks and astronomy to grammar diagrams and physics equations.

The show will run through June 11, 2010. Mighty Tanaka Studio, 68 Jay Street, Suite 416, Brooklyn, New York.

Full exclusive preview of Babel Code after the jump.

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