Bruce Yonemoto is subject of the latest incarnation of “Currents,” a series of exhibitions featuring contemporary artists, at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

About the exhibition –

Known for theoretically complex works produced in varied media, contemporary artist Bruce Yonemoto will present two engaging series of photo-based work for this solo exhibition. Inspired by the ways in which visual culture mediates our understanding of history, politics, and race, Yonemoto explores two significant wars in America’s past: the Civil War and the Vietnam War. Yonemoto mines civilization’s inclination and fascination for war, investigating the narratives of both wars through altered and actual representations of the soldier.

In both series Yonemoto explores the role of photography in making and shaping modern identity.Yonemoto will also debut a new video that examines the well-known, but still shocking newsreel footage of the Vietnamese Buddhist monk who, in protest of the Diem regime, performed an act of self-immolation on a busy Saigon road in 1963.

Currents 104: Bruce Yonemoto will remain on view through July 11, 2010.

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