01. Top 10 Luxury Brands’ Sites Fail To Work On iPad

“A review by the team at PSFK shows that most luxury brands are unprepared to leverage the changes in web use that products like Apple’s iPad and iPhone are driving. Out of the top 10 luxury brands ranked by Forbes in 2009, none of their websites worked sufficiently to match their desktop-web-experience. Only Gucci seems to have created a site that can handle the technology requirements that Apple has placed on its mobile devices.” (psfk)

02. Bottle Opener Ring

“It’s a well documented fact on Cool Material that – much like boobs – adding a bottle opener to anything instantly makes it better. Rings and weapons are no different. A ring that happens to double as brass knuckles and a beer opener is the closest thing to perfection that man has created since cheese and breast augmentation. Who cares if it’s a deadly weapon in more than one state. $50” (materialist)

03. A Page of Light (above)

“There’s always those moments when you need light and can’t quite flip the switch or out in public in some dimly lit restaurant that makes it impossible to read the menu. Why do they do that??? I digress to a more serene note. I find this happens when I’m reading. I don’t want to light up the whole room so something like the Lightleaf is perfect. Almost as thin as paper, the entire surface illuminates to a satisfying glow. Now sure how it works but the designer says it’s wirelessly rechargeable. I assume induction.” (yanko)

04. Lend Your Locks, Used Pantyhose to Help Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts

“If you’re due for a haircut, don’t let your hairdresser sweep those locks into the garbage can! Matter of Trust, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that collects landfill-bound locks from hundreds of thousands of salons and barbershops throughout the world to make oil spill absorbing hair mats and booms out of could sure use them! And with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill raging out of control, there’s never been a better time for a trim.” (inhabitant)

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