Beau Colburn works the roundup today…

1) Do You Recognize This Person? (above)

You’ve seen him before, but we’re not going to ruin the surprise.  Just watch.  Hint: He works for Shepard Fairey. (mediabistro)

2) Gardens That Grow on Walls

“But Michael Riley isn’t like most gardeners. Mr. Riley, a former commodities trader turned plant expert who went on to become assistant director of the Horticultural Society of New York, was eager to move beyond potted plants in a way that hadn’t yet occurred to many others. It took a number of expeditions, a lot of research and more than a decade and a half, but by 2003 he had figured out how to grow a wall of plants inside his Upper West Side apartment.” (nyt)

3) An Inconvienent Drop Shadow
“This change is the equivalent of having the music or TV volume at, say, 7, then turning it up to 11, having someone complain is too loud and turning it back down to 9, making it seem less loud, but still louder than before. A convoluted metaphor, but the new logo seems better because the old one was just so much worse, despite it being the exact same thing — structurally speaking, since the letterforms are exactly the same.” (brandnew)

4) Quotes from the “Angry Writer”
“Maybe the “angry writer” appeals to us because in an oblique way the idea reminds me of some of the literary greats–yes, Salinger, and also Hemingway and Vonnegut and Twain, among others–writers who generally didn’t give a damn about what people thought of them and weren’t preoccupied with their sales ranking in The New York Times Book Review.” (lit drift)

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