Selectism Columnist and one half of the Billykirk shop, Chris Bray, travelled to Minnesota to take in the Red Wing world.

“Dan Dahl, the Senior Director of  Red Wing Lifestyle, emailed us a while back to say that he liked what we were up to at Billykirk and if we would be be interested in a trade.  “Does a bear shit in the woods?” is what I was thinking,  so we soon worked out a nice trade.  In our emails I had mentioned that I had an old pair of Red Wing Pecos Boots that needed re-soling and was hoping to have them replaced with crepe soles like the ones on a pair of 875’s.  Dan said that wasn’t an issue.  Finally, I asked if it were possible to get a photo-montage of the boots’ transformation.  Done and done.   Needless to say, I am very pleased with how they turned out and they have been wearing in superbly.”

Read the full “Re-soled The Red Wing Way” at Chris Bray’s Selectism Column.

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