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Sports inspired brand No Mas NYC worked on an interesting project. Together with Ice Cube they created the animation for the documentary “Straight Outta LA”, which will air on ESPN tonight at 8pm.

“”Straight Outta LA” gets into that sweet spot of sports and culture: NWA, The LA Raiders, gangster rap and actual gangs, starter jackets, corduroy hats, Lester Hayes, Rod Martin, Marcus Allen, The LA riots, and the madman/genius Left Coast Steinbrenner of football–Al Davis. This is about as interesting as pro football can get.” (Chris Isenberg of No Mas.

Also No Mas worked on a bag, which is produced from an original Starter LA Raiders jacket. The bag is now available in their online store.

Take a look at some further stills of the animation, as well as the bags after the jump.

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