01. “Don’t Feed the Hipsters” (in McCarren Park)

“The Trustocorp crew–who when last we checked in were filling stores with fake products like Banko$ (eat the rich) cereal–are back with a new public service sign. It reads: Don’t Feed The Hipsters, and is appropriately placed in McCarren Park, where kickball season just began. But let’s presuppose someone ignored this warning and did feed the hipsters, what do you think they like to eat? (Asking for a friend.)” (gothamist)

02. Cue the imperial death march – Thunderdog…

“We were happy to recently be invited into the world traveling exhibition THE VADER PROJECT, curated by DKE TOYS. For this project Tristan collaborated with Thunderdog regular AZK ONE and hand crafted a Darth Vader helmet reminiscent of war on earth, past future and present. We love it, but it is really, really creepy!” (notcot)

03. Hysterectic

“Firstly, before I go on, I’d better warn you: this is not for the feint-hearted. I’ve been cautious in what I’ve shown here, it’s grim in parts. In fact women, in particular, may well find this very uncomfortable; those that I’ve shown the book to have not liked it. But at the same time, the story behind this book, the story that the book tells, is such a powerful and intensely personal one for the photographer/artist, Sonya Whitefield, that I found it amazing and moving, not least because of Whitefield’s candor. And the book itself is a beautiful piece of work. A fitting, superbly thought through, record.” (acejet170)

04. Mattson Creative: Nashville Flood Relief Poster

“Here’s what Mattson Creative’s going to do. They’d like to donate this art to help with flood relief in the broadest possible way. So instead of printing these themselves, or working exclusively with one organization, what thay’re going to do is give the art to anyone who wants to use it to raise money. You can create prints, stickers, t-shirts…anything and everything that you think will help.” (monoscope)

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