On May 15, 2010, Jeremy Fish hist Cologne will a new set of work for The Road Less Traveled.

In 2010 my plan was to travel extensively, having six solo shows in one year in six different cities. Meeting as many new faces, and making as many new friends as I can. Through these new relationships, stories get told, beers get drank, and sometimes inspiration is born. The road less travelled is an expanding year long project about travelling to new places, making new friends and feeding my archive with strange new experiences and situations to build works that reflect these times and travels – Jeremy Fish.

ArtyFarty will house one step on the journey. The exhibition stop is the third on the tour, which rolls through Hamburg starting May 29, 2010.

Maastrichter Str. 49
50672 Cologne / Germany

Full preview of The Road Less Traveled after the Jump.

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