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As we get closer to the Worldcup, one Nike Stadium store after the other is opening its doors. So far we have seen Milan, Berlin and London. Today we can give you a first look at the opening of the Nike Stadium Paris, which presents the Black Magic exhibition.

“Sanghon Kim presented yesterday the first chapter of an antagonist story, called Black Magic.
 The installation deals with the growing mystical influence of Africa, on football first but also on the world. Sanghon – a French/Korean artist – gives a dark/gothic interpretation of the idea of “Group of death”, through three countries: Portugal, Côte d’Ivoire and Brazil.

His work plays with the concept of building a modern mythology of sports, inspired by the true legends of three major Nike football players transfigured into gods by Magic.

Each of them has a magic colour (orange for Côte d’Ivoire, yellow for Brasil, dark red for Portugal), a magic animal – the elephant, the jaguar and the dragon (for St Georges’ myth), a magic number (11, 10, 7), a spell (strength, agility, speed) and also a magic football boot.”

Take a detailed look at the installations and the opening party after the jump.

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