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As part of their Apex Initiative, Alpinestars will present a series of product collaborations with like minded individuals and brands. First up is a collaboration with Marc Arcenal and his Fatlace collective. As part of the collaboraiton they present a high top sneaker with a large embossed Fatlace logo, as well as a t-shirt and a one-off Fatlace racing suit.

“The apex represents a point where two directions meet; the transition from entrance to exit. The pinnacle. The Alpinestars APEX INITIATIVE will exist as a transition and weight transfer from Alpinestars’ commitment to and passion for motorsports, into a creative venture, combining fashion, technology, art and culture. APEX INITIATIVE will serve as a collaboration of creativity, representing the meeting point of motorsports, culture and lifestyle.”

Take a further look at the product collaboration after the jump.

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