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Ralph Lauren’s Polo Jeans Co. is showcasing 51 up and coming European artists through Art Stars. “Inspired by the iconic American Star Spangled Banner and synonymous with the Polo Jeans Co. brand, the artists will create 3D pieces on stars made from the finest American denim. These will be displayed in select Polo Jeans Co. stores in key cities across Europe before coming together in a public exhibition in London in late 2010.” The stars will then be auctioned in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Check out the official Art Stars site here for more info.

For more images and a full list of the artists see below.

No.1. Pam Glew
No.2. Matt Small
No.3. Natalie Baker
No.4. Jamie Shovlin
No.5. Pio Abad
No.6. Hvass & Hannibal
No.7. Sten and Lex
No.8. Nicklas Holm
No.9. Antoine et Manuel
No.10. Gilles Balmet
No.11. L’Atlas
No.12. Zosen
No.13. Anna Taratiel (OVNI)
No.14. Daniel Tagno
No.15. Anton Unai
No.16. Stefan Strumbel
No.17. Alex Daw
No.18. Jens Paldam
No.19. Case
No.20. Katrin Fridriks
No.21. Herakut
No.22. ROA
No.23. Boris Tellegen aka Delta
No.24. Alexone
No.25. Microbo
No.26. BomK
No.27. Daniele Villa
No.28. Smash137
No.29. Alberto De Pedro
No.30. Pedros Matos
No.31. Victor Castillo
No.32. Gilles Balmet
No.33. James Jessop
No.34. Kate Moross
No.35. Annie P
No.36. Diya Ajit
No.37. Ubik
No.38. Yaze
No.39. Fupete
No.40. Okuda

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