01. Chinese scientists demonstrate 2Mbps internet connection over LED

“LED data transmission used to be all the rage — we fondly remember beaming Palm Pilot contacts via IrDA. Then we got omni-directional Bluetooth and building-penetrating WiFi, and put all that caveman stuff behind us. But now, scientists the world over are looking to bring back line-of-sight networking, and the latest demonstration has Chinese researchers streaming video to a laptop with naught but ceiling-mounted blue LEDs. The Chinese Academy of Sciences claims to have realized a 2Mbit per second internet connection that transmits data simply by modulating the flicker of the little diodes, and imperceptibly enough to have them serve as room lighting as well.” (engadget)

02. … Next BMW 3 Series to gain hybrid version

“Now it looks like the 3 Series will be the next in the company’s stable to get the electric motor treatment. While speaking with shareholders, BMW head-honcho Norbert Reithofer let it slip that we’ll be seeing a hybrid version of the company’s bread and butter 3 Series fairly soon. When is that, exactly? It’s hard to judge from Reithofer’s statement, but given that the 5 Series hybrid is slated for sale next year, we would guess the tech-laded 3 will pop up in 2012.” (autoblog)

03. 111 Coke X Dwr X Emeco Navy Chair (above)

“t is amazing how good the plastic version of a steel design classic can feel… you have to sit/lift this new 111 Navy Chair is! The Emeco classic remade in a special formulation of rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate- recycled plastic bottles) mixed with glass fiber for strength ~ where each chair contains 111 recycled plastic Coke bottles! Apparently over the last 4 years ~ Coke instigated this project, challenging Emeco designers/manufacturers to adapt the chair. While this launched in milan (frozen in a block of ice! – see pic on next page!) ~ the launch party for it at DWR” (notcot)

04. Finisterre Cemetery

“These strange concrete constructions form a cemetery, somewhere along the coastline of  Finisterre, Spain. They’re the brainchild of Spanish architect César Portela. It’s just so very much unlike any cemetery I’ve seen before… The other-worldly grey boxes, placed so disorderly… They’re just there, without fences, looking out over the infinite ocean, timeless.”(minimalissimo)

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