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Yatzer brings to light an interesting concept show in Milan from Vitra. The “Chairless” strap by Alejandro Aravena gives extra support and comfort to those who rest in the cross legged position. “According to Vitra, Chairless relieves the back and the thigh muscles from pressure, while the arms and hands which are needed for support when sitting cross legged are not used to support our legs, instead, they could be used for other tasks such as reading, writing, eating, drinking or whatever else you can imagine as your hands are now free.   It is designed for people who have a height of 160-195cm (5ft 3in and 6ft 5in).  The strap is made of wear-resistant polyamide and is available in four color combinations: anthracite with decorative stripes in fuchsia or dark lime; dark lime with decorative stripes in fuchsia; fuchsia with decorative stripes in dark lime.”

More looks at Chairless by Alejandro Aravena for Vitra after the click.

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