Something to look forward to for June 3, 201o. Freshjive, generally very supportive of their LA arts community, will host an exhibition of Bruce Kalberg’s photography. Held at the Reserve LA store, the event will offer a glimpse into the first wave of the echo park punk scene.

From 1979-1984 Bruce Kalberg photographed virtually every band and personality against the backdrop of the first rush of Punk Rock in Los Angeles and Hollywood. As publisher and chief creative force behind NO MAGAZINE (NOMAG) Bruce photographed both the music and art scene nightly in his studio in Echo Park creating a portrait of fashion and underground culture like no one else. This was the real culture made up of outsiders, losers, immigrants, Punk Rockers from generation one (‘76-’82) living in Hollywood thirty years ago, more crudely wrought lives outside of the sparkle and spotlights than the Entertainment Industry would have you imagine. The obverse of the coin of the world presented nightly on shows such as Entertainment Tonight, this was the heart of Hollywood.

The interaction between the various bands and Bruce Kalberg, publisher and photographer, are funny, intimate and real. The images are both reflection of the scene and after their publication in NOMAG were responsible for giving a visual identity to the culture and our memory of it. NOMAG provided a voice and look for many generations and is currently as relevant as when it was created. It was new, dangerous and exciting 30 years ago and still is today.

An artist and photographer, Bruce Kalberg studied fine art in London at the Croydon College of Art (1970-1974) and in Los Angeles at Otis Art Institute (1976-1978). He created NOMAG as an extension of his art studies.

Some of the magic of NOMAG will live on digitally, an important and exciting initiative from Reserve LA. All fans of Punk and its history should refer to the Reserve blog for more info.

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