Beau Colburn’s Thursday roundup…

01. You Look Nice Today: The Magic Number

“We went, with some friends, into the woods. A few days later we left the woods. Our memory of the time we spent in the woods is a bit fuzzy; fortunately, someone thought to make an audio recording of it.”

02. Stanford University Prepares For ‘Bookless Library’

“Box by box, decades of past scholarship are being packed up and emptied from two old libraries, Physics and Engineering, to make way for the future: a smaller but more efficient and largely electronic library that can accommodate the vast, expanding and interrelated literature of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering.
‘The role of this new library is less to do with shelving and checking out books — and much more about research and discovery,’ said Andrew Herkovic, director of communications and development at Stanford Libraries.'”
(mercury news)

03. An Open Letter to Our Industry

“It is your personal prerogative to hold a conference or publish a book or magazine featuring whomever you choose. It is your professional duty to reach outside your existing circle of friends and colleagues, outside of your snug familiar comfort zone to find new voices and new perspectives.

Are you doing this to shape the industry and the culture, or do you just want to have a beer with your most famous friends and feel validated because you got sponsors for it? If you are only surrounding yourself with people you already know, you are doing yourself a disservice. Reach out, and reach out before someone calls you out. You will win, personally and professionally, if you do.”
(mule design)

04. Big Bambú: Organized Chaos in the Making (above)

“It’s rooftop season again, in more ways than the casual impromptu bbq with drinks and friends. The must-experience art of the season is going on right now on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it will be going, growing, morphing and inviting you to take part all the way until Halloween.

The project Big Bambú, by Mike + Doug Starn, is the whole ball of art-wax: It’s installation art, it’s performance art, it’s sculpture, and if you believe in their claim to have been afraid of heights before they conceived of it, it’s even art-therapy. ”

05. Girl Talk’s Feed The Animals Sample Visualize

“This page lets you play Feed The Animals by Girl Talk, an album made up entirely of samples from other music. To the right of the track list, there’s a list of which songs are being played, as they’re played, using the list compiled by Not all samples are covered, but a lot are.”

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