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There’s a new men’s shaving and grooming line out of Ottowa Toronto, Canada. The Crown Shaving Company work to make products that  “are made for men-to make you look and feel like a man…” Well, the good thing is that most men who are willing to dip the budgets into good grooming products probably already feel like a man. It would be better to say that Crown Shaving just enhaces all of that. I tested their shaving creme this week and have to say that it does indeed do the trick. “Our rich lathers and lotions are carefully formulated with the finest natural ingredients to reintroduce the revitalizing luxuries of shaving, lost in recent decades to buzzing electric devices or chemical-laced shortcuts that promote expediency at the expense of a healthy, restorative experience.”

Try them out for yourselves. The bottles are pretty no frills and filled with solid goods on the inside.

More looks at the Crown Shaving Company Shaving and Grooming Products after the click.

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