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Singapore-based design duo Le Messie and Amanda hit us with their SS10 releases from FALSE (Disarm of Die) and Better Off Dead (Karl The Butcher).

Karl The Butcher is a visual narration of the events preceding Karl’s release from world renowned fashion house Chanel. We’ll let the visuals do all the talking.

Disarm Or Die speaks of the reality that we thrive in the everyday present moment. A call for action in the form of intelligence, a call to arms where no arms shall be required. A collective conjoining of minds to actively communicate, boycott, overthrow the powers that might be just by active choice. The choice to choose our own independent way of thought and way of seeing life. The choice to bring down the false illusions bestowed upon us.. Reality altering at will and on a whim, we see what we choose to see and thus we shall be what we choose to be.

Top shelf prints as always. Now available at the ANTI-ANTI E-Store.

Check out the full offering from both lines after the click.

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