01. Experimental Rolling House Should Provide Endless Fun for Pranksters

“I am not at all certain what the benefits are of having a cylindrical house, but I suppose that’s why they call it “experimental.” The University of Karlsruhe’s Institute of Industrial Design and Construction Output collaborated with the same school’s Institute of Supporting Structure (clearly something has been lost in translation here) on the Roll It, a modular experimental housing prototype that can, yes, roll.” (Core 77).

02. Come As You Were

“It’s been a little over sixteen years that we’ve been living in a world without Cobain—sixteen years since we began wrestling with his endlessly complicating life and death. We’ve learned as much in his absence as we did in his life, which is to say not much at all. And while we’ve mostly given up on ever figuring him out, it’s impossible to forget the Fender Jag he used to rip the shit out of our senses or the hauntingly frail sound of him edging out “The Man Who Sold the World.” From photographs of Cobain flying mid-air on stage to the unlikely tributes that have sprung up since that day in 1994, the pieces in Seattle Art Museum’s ‘Kurt’ exhibition take a closer look at the ways our impressions of the man have changed over time and the moments we couldn’t shake from our memories even if we wanted to. They are at once loud and quiet, gorgeous and savage. In other words, all the things that he was in his brief 27 years.” (GQ).

03. U.S. sets 23-man World Cup roster

“The phones started ringing at 2 a.m., and players were told to come down to the third floor for a meeting. As Herculez Gomez pressed the elevator button on 17, his mind raced. Were his dreams about to be fulfilled — or crushed?” (ESPN).

04. Rian Hughes: City of London Logo Proposal (above).

“Designboom met UK-based graphic designer, illustrator, comic artist and the man behind device fonts Rian Hughes, while in Malaysia for Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010, where he presented selected works from the course of his creative career as part of the typo-graphics conference. one of the projects he discussed was his logo proposal for the city of London.” (DB).

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