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You’d have to be under a rock (or more aptly have avoided the internet for a year or so) to be unaware of Take Ivy.

Originally published in 1965 in Japan, the book sparked a explosion of American “Ivy Style” in Tokyo. Photographer Teruyoshi Hayashida captured the spirit of 1960s student fashion with candid photographs taken in class, at the boathouse, and through the quads of Ivy League campuses. The photographer was joined in the book’s production by a trio of equally fashionable and savvy young men – Shosuke Ishizu, Toshiyuki Kuruso, and Hajime (Paul) Hasegawa. Their resulting work has gained wide recognition as the diffinitive document of the American prep style.

In September of 2010, powerHouse will issue their reprint, the first (there was a Japanese reprint in 2006) to be fully translated in English. The revival, clearly, comes at an opportune time – who can argue the current appeal of the styles contained within the books 142 pages and 145 photographs.

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A reminder of some of the great images after the jump. Credit: Take Ivy, published by powerHouse Books.

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