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In an interesting collaborative project the two artists Roland Berry and Shepard Fairey worked on a series of hand-crafted jackets.

“Two cutting edge American Artists, Rolland Berry and Shepard Fairey have collaborated for the first time to create a collection of “wearable art” – a collection of one-of-a-kind handmade jackets.

The collection consists of three meticulously handcrafted jackets designed by Berry that embody the elements of classic punk rock and undeniably illustrate the mutual respect and understanding the designers have for one another.

Berry approached each of these designs as 3 dimensional painting, giving each piece its own unique pallet, hand studding, hand distressing and hand pulled silk screens. The jackets took about 35 to 40 man-hours each to create, all done buy hand. And it is rumored that one of the jackets has already sold for $10,000!”

These punk rock jackets can currently be seen at Deitch Projects located at 18 Wooster St. in NYC.

Take a more detailed look at the creations of the two artists after the jump.

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