Fans of the Beautiful Game and 15th century battles will appreciate the new book, Blood In Blood Out. The line of the book: “The designers of heraldry were the first graphic designers.”

“Dutch designer Floor Wesseling dived deep into the phenomenon of heraldry, the visual coding system from the 15th century by which families, kingdoms and armies could be identified and which were placed on flags, shields, jerseys and coats of arms. Blood In Blood Out wants to show the relationship between cultures and express this by displaying new jerseys for football players, who are very much the modern day heralds. Floor Wesseling combines jerseys from different football teams into new combined jerseys and in doing so tells emotional stories about rivalry, social communities, city and country derbies and latter-day football battles.” Out on BIS Publishers.

More looks inside of the Blood in, Blood Out Book by Floor Wesseling after the click.

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