01. Hidden posters of Notting Hill Gate Tube station, 2010

“Discovered in Notting Hill Gate tube station, 2010 – wholly inaccessible so please don’t ask the staff! These are official photographs so please credit London Underground. ” (coudal>flickr)

02. Mark Bernath talks about the “Write the Future” ad from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

“Luckily, Mark Bernath, the co-creative director for ‘Write the Future’ from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam decided to humor me and answer some of them. There are a millions details in the ad that entertain me, from Focus 70s hit ‘Hocus Pocus’ playing during the Rooney bit, to the sudden selling of “Ron’s Samba Robics” on infomercial TV, to Homers timely ‘Do’h!.’ This ad isn’t just one idea, it’s one hundred little ideas, in one single ad.” (adland)

03. How to Make a Chicago-Style Hot Dog (above)

“The Chicago Hot Dog is, perhaps, one of the most improbable food combinations in the world. We do know this: it shouldn’t work. A towering, precipitous bundle, loaded up with so many condiments that it’s twice the volume of the dog itself. It threatens to fall apart, to be so absurd it forgets its provenance as a hot dog. It’s misguided, it’s madness. Yet it’s mad enough to succeed brilliantly.” (tpc)

04. The Great Salami Caper

“In the late 1980s, while making efforts to move to New York City, I came up with the winning ad campaign for Hebrew National Kosher Salami. Only I didn’t win.” (zeldmantwitter)

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