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Here’s a great new book, coming June 30th from Fiell Publishing on the topic of plastics in design by Charlotte & Peter Fiell. “Over the past 150 years, the role of plastics within the field of design has been fundamental to the development of the manmade environment. Synthetic polymers have quite literally molded the modern world, transforming utopian dreams into three-dimensional realities. Indeed, the impact of plastics has been felt in every area of human life, from healthcare and food distribution to communications, transportation and financial transactions. Plastic Dreams: Synthetic Visions in Design tells the fascinating story of these truly wondrous materials, charting their evolution from the mid-nineteenth century to the present, across a huge range of landmark product types, from Wells Coates’ iconic AD 65 radio to Konstantin Grcic’s MYTO stacking chair, and from Bakelite in the 1920s to today’s latest techno-polymers.”

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More looks inside Plastic Dreams: Synthetic Visions in Design book after the click.

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