01. Madbury Club

“By combining the efforts of some of the most talented young photographers and writers across the globe, The Madbury Club is able to publish print inspired content in a revolutionary online format. Unrestricted by any one particular subculture or movement, Madbury crosses all boundaries to bring you, the reader, work of the utmost quality. Enjoy, and begin to consider yourself well read.” (Madbury Club)

02. ‘“You ol’ “ralph tresvant can you stand the rain suit ass muthaf***a”

“When former Diddy reality TV underling Chopper City decided to make a video calling out his rap opponents and establish his boss credentials last March, it’s safe to assume that he didn’t see the implications of his oversized suit on the horizon.” (Gwarizm)

03. Big Boi “General Patton” (Above)

The new video for Big Boi’s ‘General Patton’.

04. Terrified Mexican matador: ‘I didn’t have the balls’

“Matador Christian Hernandez, bedecked in traditional livery and bearing a customary red cape, narrowed his eyes as the bull lowered its head. What happened next was slightly less orthodox, as the 22-year-old turned on his heels and fled the onrushing bovid, explaining later “this is not my thing”.” (The Guardian)

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