Sooth your World Cup fever and satisfy a creative itch all in one with Umbro’s Crest Designer.

The World World Champions Collection from Umbro gave seven artists the opportunity to rethink their country’s football crest, and in celebration of those collaborations Umbro are giving designers everywhere the chance to do the same.

Umbro’s Crest Designer gives anyone the tools they need to create their own football crest for their club, country, mates, or themselves. We have built a fully customisable tool, spitting out the elements of a traditional crest as well as adding a selection of sport related and random extras. Users are encouraged to use the online tool or simply design their own crest from scratch, using the software of their choice.

The site offers login via Facebook, allowing users to share their crests directly into their profile, comment on other peoples and vote for favourite designs within the gallery.

The competition is judged by the number of votes each design receives so the more people share and promote their crest, the more chance they have of winning.

5 winners will be chosen after the competition has closed on 11th July 2010. The prize is a one of a kind, fully customised football shirt with the crest embroidered on.

View shots of the Crest Designer after the jump. Head to Umbro to get your design on.

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