Not for the first time, Beinghunted has gotten together with Bagjack. After previously working on messenger bags, they chose this time the tote bag. They based it off of a classic messenger bag from the German bicycle courier supplier and added some nice details to it.

“One key element is the Velcro® webbing on the outside which allows the wearer to add on smaller pouches, carabiners, etc. as well as customize the bag with his/her own patches. In order to keep the contents protected during tougher weather conditions, Pe suggested to add a cover with waterproof zip, an element which is not too common on most tote bags. For easier access, this lid can also be folded outwards when opened to enhance stability. We also adjusted the lenght of the carry straps, adding a bit to the length, so that the bag could be shifted further towards the back when fully loaded.”

A release date has not been announced yet, but we will definitely keep you posted.

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