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We’re positive that a good portion of our readers love cycle – especially the track and fixed variants. We ride them as well and we especially love to showcase the best products and goods which revolve in that community. This may be one that sets the bar in clean design.

We recently took delivery of this gorgeous piece of metal which initially looked like a new cog. Upon a second look, it was clear that the Rotafixer T0001-0A is more of a next level fresh take on the lockring tool. It works by leveraging the tension of your chain – a technique which can also be used to remove your cog once the lockring is off. See it in action here. The boys at Union Foundry in Somerville, MA have been working hard on this and have kept it all local to Massachusetts – from milling to design. They even worked with MA’s heritage line, Penfield, on a protective wool pouch for the Rotafixer.

A few more looks at the Union Foundry Rotafixer T0001-0A with Penfield Pouch after the click.

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