01. The Manute Bol Theory of “My Bad”

“After former NBA star Manute Bol died over the weekend, tributes in the sports pages recognized his awesome shot-blocking skills (it helped that he was 7-foot-7) and his equally awesome humanitarian work in his native Sudan. Another frequently cited legacy is that Bol popularized (or even coined) the expression ‘my bad’ as an athletic mea culpa. On the ESPN gabfest ‘Around the Horn,’ Bill Plaschke even said of the supposed coinage, ‘Language experts have pretty much proven this.’ Let’s investigate.” (Visual Thesaurus).

02. Alfa at 100: Prewar to Post-Graduate (above)

“WHO cares, one might reasonably ask, about the centennial of an automaker that stopped selling cars in the United States 15 years ago and didn’t sell many in the decades before that?” (NYT).

03. Phil Collins: The dad-rock icon plays soul classics.

“It’s like that episode of 30 Rock in which Tracy offers to make Jack a mixtape. Tracy: “You like Phil Collins?” Jack: “I have two ears and a heart, don’t I?” For any Phil fan, this is a perfectly reasonable assessment of the power in the man’s music. It’s also funny and ridiculous—and therefore perfectly suits an artist who, by his own admission, has never been cool.” (Timeout).

04. Party in the USA

“Over and over, everything seemed to go against them. A referee took away a win last week, and a linesman disallowed another goal Wednesday.Now there was just 3½ minutes left in their World Cup, just that much remaining until all the doubts about American soccer would rise again.” (ESPN).

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