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Thom Browne’s own Spring/summer 2011 collection gave a very Bowie like Major Tom>Rocket Man take on their presentation. Astronauts (more like Cosmonauts if you consider that it was shown in the former French Communist Party building) showcased the looks. . As usual, simply excellent. “Patch-pocketed, shark-patterned, and crest-emblazoned sports jackets in gabardine, seersucker, and cotton madras, most worn with shorts that hit just above the knee. Proudly American touches like saddle shoes, repp ties, aviator sunglasses, and of course, this being Thom Browne, lots of red, white, and blue. In short, clothes for the man who’s not afraid to give his wardrobe a swift kick in the apogee.” (gq)

More looks from the Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2011 collection after the click.

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