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RxArt, the non profit organization, known for transforming frightening medical environments into works of art to improve the healing process, has once again gotten together with Jeff Koons. This time the artist received a cart blanche at the Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital.

“RxArt, the non-profit organization that curates contemporary art installations in hospital settings, and Kiehl’s Since 1851, the venerable New York-based purveyor of fine quality skin and hair care, have partnered to bring the artwork of Jeff Koons to Chicago’s Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital.

Kiehl’s is proud to underwrite the fabrication and installation of works by world-renowned pop artist Jeff Koons on a Philips CT Scanner and throughout the scanner room at Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital for RxArt. As a result of this project, Koons’ iconic characters will find a permanent home in the hospital’s radiology department, to soothe and cheer young patients, and brighten the typically sterile and potentially scary testing environment.

To create the installation, the Philips CT Scanner was painted, and decals featuring Koons’ Monkeys were applied to the machine. His iconic Balloon Dog, Hanging Heart, and Donkey imagery were also installed to brighten the room as wallscapes. Koons generously took no artist fee for his participation in this project.”

Today we can give you a detailed look at the installation.

Many more images follow after the jump.

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