Our photographer, Jacob Breinholt, was on hand last night as Perry Rubenstein Gallery opened “Shred,” a new exhibition focusing on collage-based work. Curated by Paper magazine senior editor Carlo McCormick, “Shred” incorporates a range of artistic talents – from those that pioneered the art of collage to new voices expanding the medium.

The exhibition will include works by Bruce Conner, a prominent member of the Beat community; California-native, Jess, whose oeuvre includes collages based on alchemy, religion and comic strips; downtown darling Dash Snow; Gee Vaucher, who is central to punk visual culture; and Jack Walls, whose self-portraits incorporate photographic imagery taken by his long-time partner Robert Mapplethorpe.

Provocative new works that were specifically created for the exhibition will be included by artists such as: the collective FAILE (represented by Perry Rubenstein) who will show a ripped painting featuring brand new iconography; Shepard Fairey; Leo Fitzpatrick; Mark Flood; Erik Foss; Swoon; and, Judith Supine. Also to be shown are a finely cut paper collage by Brian Douglas (Elbow-Toe) that resembles intricate painting, while Shelter Serra will present three-dimensional work—red roses cast in white silicone. Video works by Martha Colburn, Tessa Hughes-Freeland and Bec Stupak will be featured, with Stupak premiering a new piece.

Through August 27, 2010, at Perry Rubenstein Gallery, 527 W. 23rd, New York, NY.

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