Oakley announces the resurrection of an interesting piece from their rich BMX/cycling history: the B-1B bike grips.

When Oakley started in 1975, eyewear was not the initial offering; it was an MX grip made of a special material known as Unobtainium. The revolutionary material crossed over into components of Oakley’s eyewear pieces, but also into its BMX grips as featured in the B-1B model.

The B-1B is one of the more sophisticated grips ever engineered. Highlighted by a special tread found within and on the surface of the grip, it enabled a high level of adhesion to the handlebars and the rider’s hands. Other elements found on the B-1B, such as the neoprene/lycra flange, aid with blister prevention making it one of the most complete grips in the world of BMX.

This special and extremely limited edition remake is comprised of a newer, softer rubber compound and in order to maintain integrity of original pieces for collectors, a 2010 stamp is embossed on the end of the grips. The packaging also has seen a slight makeover in terms of the actual shape and while the original B-1B box was red and white, this one has been color matched with the grip in a blue and white.

Overall there will be 5 colors released over the next few months. Be on the lookout at select retailers.

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