Where the runway meets the street
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Allplaidout took the drive out to Ashland, PA for a factory tour of the Gitman Bros. operation and its slightly strange location. “The state-of-the-art Gitman Bros. factory is built into the basement of Sheldon Gitman’s former home. The ladies who work in the first and second floor offices — really just converted bedrooms — use the pea green tiled bathroom as one of their break rooms. ‘How often do you find a microwave on the master bedroom sink?’ One of the women quipped. They seem to love the quirky aspects of their surroundings.”

They also got a preview shot of some of the forthcoming Gitman Vintage camo shirts for Spring 2011, as seen above. We’ll preview the full “Jungle Collection” shortly.

More images from the Gitman Bros. Factory Tour after the click.

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