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Brooks Saddles of England should be familiar to most of our readers at this point. Brooks is one of those “heritage” brands which falls closer to the cycling world than fashion, but that does not hinder the brand from showcasing their leather cycling accessories at Bread & Butter Berlin. We’ll highlight their Spring 2011 bags shortly, but for the moment, may I introduce to you the “Colt” saddle from the Brooks archive.

The “Colt” which originally appeared in the Brooks catalog back in the 70’s returns for Spring in some interesting colors. While we’re  told that the tanning processing of colors for the “Colt” were not exactly what they expected (except for the mustard shade), Brooks was still happily surprised with the results to put them on the market. The saddle’s shape is reminiscent of those Italo favorites and features hand stamped rivets.

More looks at the Brooks “Colt” Bicycle Saddles for Spring 2011 after the click.

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